Set in a fantastical world that exists somewhere between a Hieronymus Bosch painting and a contemporary Halloween horror movie. It follows a young white witch as she embarks on a journey to escape the forces of darkness and regain her own powers of good. The film explores the relationship between this young witch-played by the artist’s daughter (Colette Weber Shaw) and an old witch (Marnie Weber) who has sold her soul to the devil. As they traverse through a haunting tableaux vivants, a representation of heaven, purgatory, and hell, the medieval costuming and cast of period characters underline the director’s interest in the history of witches and witch hunts, and speaks to her overarching interest in the social and political forces that have traditionally shaped representations of good and evil.

Feature Film, Dir. Marnie Weber, Released in 2016


California‚Äôs Forgotten Children is a feature documentary that follows a diverse group of resilient survivors who have overcome commercial sexual exploitation as children and are changing the world by ensuring no child is forgotten. This film gives viewers the tools to combat this epidemic and empowers survivors on their path to freedom. 

Documentary, Dir. Melody C. Miller, Released in 2016


Day Is Done is feature length a carnivalesque opus, a genre-smashing epic film in which vampires, dancing Goths, hillbillies, mimes and demons come together in a kind of subversive musical theater/variety revue. Running over two-and-a-half hours, this riotous theatrical spectacle unfolds as a series of episodes that form a loose, fractured narrative. The video comprises parts 2 through 32 of Kelley’s multi-faceted project Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstructions, in which trauma, abuse and repressed memory are refracted through personal and mass-cultural experience. The source material is a series of high school yearbook photographs of “extracurricular activities,” specifically those that represent what Kelley has termed “socially accepted rituals of deviance.” Kelley then stages video narratives around these found images. Colette stars as a cherubic angel.

Feature Film and Art Installation, Dir. Mike Kelley, Released in 2006